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NETS TO YOU offers affordable Onsite PPP setups for Macs and PC's in the convenience of your home or office.

NETS TO YOU is an independent firm working to provide instant gratification for PC or MAC users who are interested in getting their Internet connections up and running quickly.

NETS TO YOU offers Website development services to businesses and organizations interested in developing a distinctive presence on the Internet with professional graphic design, applications development, and interactivity.

The Nets To You Personal Service Approach
Nets To You consulting was created as a service to businesses and individuals who would like to join the exciting world of the Internet, but are not sure how to get started. Our team at Nets To You provides a unique service to our customers. We arrive at your location, home or office, to install specially selected software programs that have the latest features - so you can enter the world of cyberspace in a user-friendly atmosphere.

Hands-on Training
Our team at Nets To You will teach you how to use your PC or Mac so that YOU become the local computer Guru on your block. We will show you the proper care and maintenance of your computer, ensuring your system will run at peak efficiency. After proper connections to the Internet are in place, our team will provide hands-on training for effectively accessing each type of program and navigating the Internet.

Our training is customized to your exact needs, whether you are a novice or experienced computer user. Our training consultants are very friendly and use a relaxed approach to teaching you how to navigate the Internet and related software. Our consultants will help you learn a specific software program(s) until you feel comfortable enough on your own. In other words, you learn at your own pace.

Customized Computer Consulting
Windows 3.1   Windows 3.11   Windows 95    Windows 98

Windows NT   Windows 2000  Windows XP   Macintosh

Nets To You also solves unique computer problems, and is available to conduct seminars for large or small groups.


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